I know… I really Need to Pack!

I know it’s only a couple of weeks until we are moving, but it seems like that is forever away right now! I did pack two boxes earlier today. I have to have a plan first though. Today I am going to pack the closet (which is so large it’s like a small room!). But I have to think it through – what size boxes do I need? How much stuff can I get rid of? I am figuring we’ve been here almost 8 months and if we haven’t used it in that amount of time we really don’t need it.. unless it is to expensive to replace should we ever need one. (I say that because I will be keeping my camelbaks… I plan on hiking again some day!)

It kinda stresses me out really. It’s not a bad stress, but I feel like I either need to be working with Chris or working for money all the time. I don’t want to take time away from working to pack! And I know I’ll get it done. I already did the two boxes and I have my head lined up with what I will pack in the closet next. I should be able to get it done today. I just don’t know where I’ll put it all in the mean time! sheesh!! I need a bigger place!! Which is why I am moving to begin with! lol!

I know this sounds crazy, but I was telling Chris again this morning about where we were moving and what the apartment looks like. I have found that it is generally better to tell him about big stuff to help prepare him…I told him we’ll have a washer and dryer hook-up (don’t have a washer or dryer yet though! lol).. but I told him it will work perfect for when he starts doing things again on his own…and I could actually see it in my mind’s eye. It’s funny…I still believe.

Chris is so alert and awake so much of the time now. I have to be patient, but plan different things all the time. Some of his movements on one side are starting to come along. Yesterday I think he was actually messing with me by moving his leg the wrong direction.

It’s just frustrating that I don’t know for sure how much to do and cannot get any help by those who know.  And the sad thing is even if I met a real physical therapist they could not offer event the tiniest advice or they could lose their license…crazy. So I try to do more with him without doing too much. I try to use all the things I have learned at all the different facilities we were in.

Then there’s those who seem so irresponsible! That’s frustrating – why can’t they lose their license for that???!! Paperwork not faxed to the rehab yet, supplies that are not right or never come (even though I am assured they are coming), paperwork I have no idea if it was or was not faxed to get Chris into the neurological clinic at OU med. Ugh!! The doctor asked me yesterday if Chris needed something for pain! I just laughed and I am sure he’s had no idea until I told him. I told him he probably needed it but not that he’s off it I don’t want to put him back on it since I am still waiting on the prescription they were supposed to send over 2 months ago! that was along with the letter of Chris’ condition so that I could pay for respite care! lol!! And now I’m going to move — I hope they know how to change an address!!! lol!!

You gotta laugh or it’ll drive you nuts!! lol… And you know I really don’t care about all that. I have to go back to the truth that the Lord is my help. I thought He might use some of these organizations in the process, but guess He wants to do it alone!! lol!!

I am actually relaxed while I have all this stress.. and I know that may not make any sense but there’s not a sense of worry. There’s no sense that it will affect the final outcome of what God wants to do in any way! So there’s no worries! I will trust in the Lord.. and I will rejoice in each step of Chris’ progress while I trust Him and wait for Him!

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