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Just Makes You Think…a lot…

I just finished reading a book about a little boy who fell off a tractor and the tractor ran over his head. His skull was crushed. It was written by a Mennonite woman and I marveled at her peace and sanctity as she wrote about the incident. The doctors did not think her little 5 year old would make it at all but he surprised all of them! It was an amazing story full of hope and miracles. I did not get as frustrated at reading it as I have with others in the past.

I was very happy that her son came through the ordeal with minimal disabilities. And it certainly was not an easy thing to walk through. I guess I couldn’t relate to some of it though because I have certainly had my times full of doubt. That might be why now is a good time to have read it – because I have no doubt!

They seemed to humble themselves before the Lord and just suck it up and take it in stride. I am not in any way minimizing the intense and deep pain that they went through. They just seemed to handle it all very well without all the frustrations I have! Maybe they trust Him more! Maybe that’s why their little boy was healed so much faster than Chris….who knows.

Before I went to Chicago in 2008, my mentor at the time told me that I was going to face something where I would need the gift of faith. I of course thought it would be a financial situation, especially since I was headed to Chicago and then Africa…but I have thought about her statement a lot of times of late as I look at my son and just refuse to give up. I have to wonder while everyone is shaking their heads in disbelief and I am refusing to give up or give in …do I have the “gift” of faith?¬† I doubt it… I’m just too stubborn to go on without my whole family being together!

Today, was just crazy. I had so much energy.. I attributed it to my recent dietary changes. But today, I just believed. I cannot really explain it and don’t really care. I just know Chris is going to be okay. It does not look like it – I still have to deal with where he is physically…but I just believe. Period.I have no reason to do otherwise. Now you may have to remind me of this post when I bottom out down the road! But for today – I am just going to believe…

Faith really doesn’t make any sense does it? But I am sure it made no sense to Noah to build a huge boat to protect his family from something he’d never seen. And it didn’t make sense for Gideon to run out into an army of trained warriors while only carrying a trumpet and a torch! Didn’t make sense to Abraham that he and Sarah could have the son of promise in their old age. Romans 4 says that he contemplated his fleshwithout wavering. I really do understand a small piece of that right now. We must deal with what we see – but still believe…

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