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Someone I Don’t Know

Chris CertThis week my social newsfeed has been filled with moving stories similar to my own. Yesterday, one, in particular, pulled on my heartstrings. I found myself crying and praying for someone I don’t even know. I let some of my emotions run out into my devotions for caregivers blog. I kept wondering why I was so emotional for someone I didn’t know – and will likely never know. Tears ran freely as I recalled the first 48 hours of holding our breath and hoping Chris would keep breathing his. All the memories of the long ICU waiting room days and nights ran through my mind. I was reminded and overcome by the emotions from the initial days.

Ironically, as I came to pour out some more of my thoughts here today, I noticed the last title I wrote was called, “forgotten.” I had written it on my son’s birthday earlier this year. I say ironic because of what I came to share today.

Phi Mu Alpha

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia FraternityPhi Mu Alpha is a fraternity my son was a part of. He loved being part of this music fraternity. I recall him talking about things I didn’t really understand like brotherhood. One thing for sure is that he loved it. He loved the concept, the function, the togetherness of it all. After his wreck, I recall a stranger handing me an envelope with a good amount of cash in it to help while Chris was still in ICU. Honestly, I packed away his information including the plaques and certificate of membership. I let it die with the rest of his past as time swept it all away.

But a few months ago I got a PM from someone I didn’t know. He was the Alumni Relations Officer of the Gamma Rho Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha at NSU where my son was a member. He had heard of Chris and felt it was unjust that he was removed from the fraternity for something that was no fault of his own. He was appealing it on Chris’ behalf to see if he could be reinstated into the fraternity.

Today this young man informed me that Chris was back in good standing with the fraternity. The appeal process was long and difficult, but it had been completed and my son’s name is back on the roll.

Someone I Don’t Know

It was just yesterday that I was heartbroken for someone I don’t know. Now, today, someone I don’t know and someone who doesn’t know Chris, but has heard about what a great guy he was, has mended a hurt. It’s interesting how connected we are by those we don’t even know, isn’t it?

I’ve heard we are all connected eventually through circles of influence. Today, the world is a better place because of this young man I may never meet – and all his efforts on behalf of my son whom he may never meet. I must say my heart was touched by someone I don’t know. If we were all kinder. If we could all be less self-focused and outward focused on others – if we treated everyone we don’t even know with respect, how different might this world be?

Today I am grateful. It doesn’t change my fiery journey – but it makes it a bit less cumbersome just to know Chris is not totally forgotten by those who knew him and those who haven’t met him alike.  Jesus told us to love our neighbor as ourselves and I think this is a great demonstration of that. It’s a tale of someone who worked diligently to do something for someone else and get absolutely nothing in return. That should touch a heart or two and make the world a better place.

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