I am a very energetic person. This means I am involved in a lot of things, even while being the primary care giver for my son. I have actually discovered many things about myself on this journey. (guess I had time to sit!)

I think I can call myself a “writer” now. I do this blog each day to work through the intense struggle I am in. This actually has freed me up to do more of what I am called to do! Write!

I do two different newsletters. One is to the body of Christ in general, it is sent out each Thursday. It contains an article I wrote that week, an update on my son as well as an update on what Dove’s Fire is doing. The other newsletter I send out every other week and it is geared to the prophetic community in the body of Christ.

Presently I am writing on several projects. Some, and perhaps most, are study guides to help those who wish to learn more about the contents of the Bible. They are an open format with challenging questions to help the reader learn more about God and himself.

Other than that, I am a proud grandma and mother.

  1. #1 by moje on December 28, 2010 - 8:45 am

    1) Do you distribute the newsletters online or by email or is it strictly hardcopy format?
    2) I’m trying to write some Scripture studies also, ones requiring deeper understanding and thought and providing more significant challenges for those further along in their spiritual journey. Have you noticed the lack of such material? How are you approaching the development of your materials – in a certain order, by random interest…?
    3) How do you discipline yourself to follow through on the commitment you want to make to writing?
    4) What is your religious and faith background? I’d like you to write your Spiritual Biography. One of these days, I ought to finish the one I started 10 years ago.


    • #2 by Jeanie Olinger on December 28, 2010 - 2:01 pm

      1- I have two newsletters that each go out by email. I write one to the prophetic community and that is only sent through email. I write another which is to the body in general and I send it both hard copy (snail mail) and electronically.
      2 -I have noticed a difficulty finding sincere writings which are more than just surface material. I try to keep most of my personal reading with older authors because I feel there is much more in their sharing. I write as it comes to me sort of. I usually have quite a few notes on a topic and then one day I go back and look at them and it seems to “come together.” I have many notes on several topics but actually am unsure how to approach many times. But I also have several projects that just need to be finished. Sometimes someone requests something and I sit and write it all out and – there it is – created to meet a need.
      3- Self discipline is difficult. I am a very structured person but since I am caring for my son my days are not as easy to schedule as I would like. This is an area I am struggling in and hope to be able to accomplish soon!
      4 – I have been a part of most of the major protestant religions. I prefer to say that I am His child. I am Christian if that helps you identify but not affiliated with a particular denomination at this time. I cannot attend “church” because of my son – but I think we are the church rather than it being somewhere we hang out on Sundays.


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