I Found My Own Answer!

Last night was awful! After sleeping two nights all the way through Chris decided to stay awake late and then wake me up every hour in the night. The part that was frustrating to me was that I have my long run (first 10-miler) planned for this morning. I guess I’ll be doing it with no sleep!

I gave him some otc pain meds (that’s all I have). But he kept moaning and fussing at me all night. The part of that which makes me smile is that he was very vocal! I just want him to be happy and up when he learns to vocalize! lol! I guess the most troubling part is not knowing what to fix. I don’t know if he’s hurting, uncomfortable or what! That means I have to play what I call “guess and check.” I guess what’s wrong, fix it and then check to see if he stopped fussing! We did that all night!

So this morning before I head out to run I wanted to get the blogs done and especially the devotions for caregivers. That’s where I found my own answer. I don’t even know why I got to the scripture in John 14. But it’s where Jesus said He gives us His peace. And that is what I will hold on to today. It may be a long day – but my laboring will be to stay in His peace.

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