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Watching for An Open Door

I am really excited about getting moved. You wouldn’t know it by how much packing I still have left to do though! (smile)…I am anxious to begin a new life – one with a nicer, bigger apartment and a washer and dryer! Yeah! well.. I have to get them still but at least I found a place to get them!

I am probably way more stressed than I even know. There’s so much involved with moving – getting a new vehicle taking care of Chris – keeping up the work online – etc… It’s almost so bad I am really not sure what to do when! I never thought of myself as being coordinated enough to juggle – but I seem to be holding up pretty good! (smile again!)

Chris is not feeling well and that adds some conflict to an already stressful day. It’s cool though because even though he isn’t feeling well he really is still awake. He is so much more aware of things and that really helps my emotions to a certain degree. I am still kinda hung up on what happens (ed) to the dreams we both had? Were they from God at all? I know they are not worth (emotionally) digging up right now…I cannot see past the immediate future.

March 2011

He's trying to smile -

I do still have hope…hope that he will get better. I already told him one of his rehab assignments will be to do laundry! lol… but I look at him and wonder when, how and honestly – if. I wonder if the rest of my life is going to look like this…can’t really do anything about it though except live one day at a time and make sure all the dreams are dead…

But He said He would make the valley of pain into a door of hope (Hosea 2)… so I wait in this pain watching for a door to open…

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