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I’m So Proud of Chris!

We have finally got everything except my room unpacked and I’m making a little progress on it each day. (as I need things I’m finding it..,. if that counts! lol!) Chris has adjusted very nicely to the new place and is just doing so well. He is more alert all the time and awake pretty much all the day. So today I decided to take him out. I had figured that I would do so once a week and that was all until I could get used to the getting him in and out of the car.

Friday we are scheduled to go out to Ronella’s for a little while and so that was our one trip. But then today I decided he really needed the outside stimulus. I finally decided I’d take him to Sonic. It’s a drive through and I could leave the chair here. So we did… and it was awesome to just go run around a bit! And he ate quite a few bites of his soft serve that I got him. I on the other hand ate the entire hot fudge sundae! And when we got home he got out of the car fine!! That’s very encouraging.

Taking him out like that is very emotional for me. I see other’s stares…and I know they wonder things like was he born like that? was he is an accident…. and it’s okay – but I’d rather they just asked really! Anyway – the good side is it helps us feel a little normal – and a little more independent. We can  get out. Although we can’t do it too often yet – I want to go slow with Chris and let him get used to it a little at a time.

The emotional part for me that is really heightened when we are out is seeing other guys about his age. I think of how he was just a few years ago. He was free, loving (most of )life and enjoying himself too. He liked to drive with the windows open, music blaring and a cigarette in his hand! He wore shades because they were cool and he went where he wanted when he wanted. And just watching others makes me go back to all that was lost in a single split second…

But when my emotions crash in like that I have to try to figure out a mental way to escape. This time I began to dwell on where we’ve been and where we’ve come from and how far we’ve come. We went by the nursing home to get some papers from my sister and Chris tensed up…he remembers…it hurt my heart again. I promised him he would never go back that I was going to take care of him and we were going home. Then he slowly relaxed again. And he wasn’t treated badly there… not at all…so I started thinking of all the really cool people who have seriously helped us on the journey — I’ll say that God sent them just to help us on the journey.

The nursing home in Bernice has to top the list. They actually let me stay  in the room with Chris.  That’s going way above and beyond! They took care of me too pretty much. lol! And we met Ms. ChiChi there too. She was 97 at the time (nearly 99 now) and she came to the nursing home a couple of afternoons a week to have coffee with us… and Ms Marie was there too. We had coffee with Ms Marie every afternoon at 2:30. And sometimes her sons came…they were a hoot!

A funny story about Ms. Marie…when we were leaving Bernice to go to New Orleans to rehab she called me down to the nurses station. She said come over here by the window and show me which truck is Chris’. I thought it was real odd that she cared. I went into the visiting room with her and started trying to point out Chris’ truck. She said, “Honey you know I can’t see a thing, I just wanted to give you this and no one know.” And she pulled out an envelope with money in it to help with our expenses!

I could go on and on – so many people He sent along the way…

So after we got back from Sonic – I got the chair and Chris just basically gets out of the car! I had to help him get stood all the way up but it was obviously better even than last week! I am so proud of his desire to improve…he is doing so good… I’m so proud of him!


Chris riding in our new car!


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