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A Bright Spot in My Day

Yesterday was just a good day. I cannot really explain it. But for one thing I had Eli for part of the day. We had so much fun! Here he is considering touching a grasshopper:


We got to play with some toys and then after he and Chris had their naps I took my boys outside to play for a little while. We had an impromptu visit from a neighborhood kitty and after his initial shock, Eli’s excited squeals were like music to my ears! He squealed as the kitty rubbed on him and he was fine until it moved up by Chris on the porch. Then he pointed at it and looked at me to say, “Bubba!” I assured him it was fine. It was so cute to see him protect Chris that way.

Then later on in the evening Pamm and I decided to take Chris for a walk through the park behind the apartments. It was so nice outside and Chris even stayed awake for the entire 1.2 mile journey! On the way there were many friendly people who just kind of casually chatted with us as they were playing their rounds of frisbee golf. And then we saw a tree with loads of butterflies trying to get settled in for the night. They were everywhere! Beautiful colors were filling up the tree branches… very restful view for me.

I am learning to appreciate the small things. These may seem so minor sometimes but in our world it seems to me that people make huge issues out of minor things too much of the time. It’s refreshing to just enjoy the view! Here’s another pic of my day with my grandson! My bright spot!

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