Many Small Things Make A Big Picture!

I pushed Chris out on the patio so I could do a “tiny” bit of yard work. (pun intended – you’d have to see the size of my yard!)…I transplanted some herbs and pulled  few weeds. Then I hooked up the weed eater and started “mowing” the yard. Lots of thoughts were going through my head but I found myself in a moment of thankfulness. I thought of all the people who made it possible for me to enjoy this moment in my yard.

Specifically, I thanked God for Connie and Randy. They did not even know me but have chosen to not only walk this path alongside me and Chris – but be friends too…and that means a lot!! Randy built the deck so that Chris could easily be pushed out into the fresh air. Connie took me to Wal-Mart on Mother’s Day and had me pick out some awesome flowers — and I enjoy their beauty every single day!!

Then, I thanked God for Tina and Steve who bought me the weed eater. I was cutting the yard using some big hedge trimmer looking thingys – like  a big pair of scissors… hey you do what you gotta do! lol! It felt so good to be able to just work in the yard for a little while!

I often think of so many of the people who have been such a blessing along this troubling journey. And as my mind went back to so many who have ministered to me along the way – I just had to be thankful. And it’s not all monetary either. My friend, Mary (from Indianapolis) used to call me when Chris was still in the hospital and I was staying there with him 24/7. We would set up a time and have communion together…what a wonderful friend!

I can’t even begin to name every single blessing along the way – or even every person who has been used by God as a ministry instrument…all I can say is I am just so thankful to be right here right now. I don’t like how I got here of course! But looking at the whole journey I cannot help but be tearfully thankful.

One thing we have to remember is that this moment is not the whole. Actually this one moment we are occupying in time is such a tiny little part of the complete picture – the complete life. I need to be reminded to step back – not get too close to the picture and look at the whole again.

When we look at the whole we are reminded of His sustaining grace and His immeasurable peace. When we step back we can see how He has carried us along the way…today – I purpose to not get lost in this moment – but to rejoice in the journey’s blessings.


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  1. #1 by Tory on June 1, 2011 - 1:07 am

    OH…so happy you had some time to be outdoors and enjoy being in your yard, Jeanie! I always feel the love of our Jesus when i am outside~~~~the warmth of the sun…tree’s blowing in the wind….flowers….etc….all gifts for us to enjoy! 🙂 Things we take for granted right b/4 our eyes….the beauty of it all! You know why you are blessed with friends who care about you……??? Because, sweet lady….YOU bless so many and touch so many that is easy to return the gift of friendship. I love what you said about looking at the “WHOLE” picture!!! So very important and yet so easy to NOT do~~~~great words from you….thank you! My love and prayers continue to be with you and Chris….as always….God Bless~Tory xo


    • #2 by Jeanie Olinger on June 1, 2011 - 10:19 am

      Thanks Tory! (It’s good to hear from you!) I do love the outside. I usually spend my “free” time I get when the aid is here outside! Forget about buying groceries! lol! I am learning to enjoy these small things. It has taken a long time to learn to enjoy simple things like my little flowers!! Thanks for praying – and thanks for reading!!

      love ya,


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