Whew! I am Glad Today Is Almost Over!

This is getting tougher here. I thought it would get easier as Chris continues to be awake and alert. He is so responsive and pretty well awake all day everyday now. That’s the good news. However, I am having to do some major adjusting and second guessing to know what he’s going to do next. He gets his timing off and I have to be a step ahead of what he’s planning…this is not a complaint mind you — just stressful!

He will stand and turn too soon. That’s good because he’s thinking ahead and bad because I have to be ready for him to turn and sit whether or not I was ready for him to or not. Things like that keep me jumping! Then he won’t do anything the help the next transfer!! It’s a huge scary guessing game right now!

Today I took him out to his sister’s house and he was so relaxed I was barely able to get him out of the car. I am so sore! I wrestled with the chair (which I am getting better at!) and then with him. When I got him back home he did the same thing he is trying to stand but absolutely no tone makes it nearly impossible. Thankfully I have paid attention at all the places he’s been and remembered a technique I saw for transferring way back at Touro in New Orleans. I used it to get him out of the car and into his chair. But then at the bedside he didn’t stand up all the way before he turned to get on the bed!! I’m exhausted! lol!

His improvements are amazing but emotion for me. Yesterday when he made the chord on the guitar I couldn’t contain the tears…I was so excited that it’s all still in there we are just in the phase where we gotta figure out how to get it all out again! And him being more responsive makes it harder emotionally (not a complaint!!!) because I miss him more. He will just look at me like he’s really there and wants to talk so badly…and my heart softens and breaks…

So it’s good – and it’s difficult. I never thought about progress having its own set of challenges! But boy does it…I have to try to figure out new ways to offer stimulus and how to work with him effectively. It’s like every day has its own set of guidelines now and I have to try to figure out what they are for the day and act accordingly making the most of whatever we have to work with for the time being!! No wonder I’m tired…

I am ready to go to bed and start tomorrow and see what we have to work with then… but there’s still too much to do today!

I’m learning that it’s the challenges that brings endurance. Without challenging our muscles they do not develop. STamina comes from going as far as you think you can go and then going just a little further…I never thought we would make it to here…But God is faithful. He has promised to restore and right now sometimes…I can see it in Chris’ eyes…that’s when mine fill with tears.

Here’s a picture of my “all there” Chris…

Chris standing

This is Bubba...standing so well I could take pictures with one hand!

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  1. #1 by Jeannie Brown on April 16, 2011 - 12:28 am

    “STamina comes from going as far as you think you can go and then going just a little further.”

    This is a GREAT statement: just what we need spiritually for this hour. God is building “stamina” into us so that we will not just “endure” but that we will be “more than conquerors through Christ Jesus.” Such a terrific parallel!!!!


    • #2 by Jeanie Olinger on April 16, 2011 - 8:44 am

      Yes, I must agree with you that in this hour we need stamina – and endurance – and patience (with ourselves, others and God!!) to keep keeping on!


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