Speechless in wonder…just waiting

Well it’s official, I am definitely moving next week and it’s all falling into place. All of it except the actual work of course! And I now have a vehicle! Yeah! (and a payment so I have to really get busy with some major writing that pays!) It is very freeing to know that I will no longer be stuck in the house. I can go to the store if I have something I run out of . It’s challenging to get Chris in and out of vehicles, and sometimes really overwhelming. But at least I can go somewhere if I need to.

This was actually very empowering to me. I am not stuck with his doctor situation anymore and I can also take him to day therapy now if we can get that all set up. So I called the doctor yesterday for some information I needed. Of course they have not called me back. So I will call them again today and if I get another no response I can now change pcp! I am not stuck with inadequate responses!

It seems like a lot turned around in just the last week. I have more job opportunities on-line – which I have learned not to hold my breath on those! Moving to a new place and a vehicle. I’m just still trying to drink all the changes in… while I pack!

And Chris is so really what I would call awake now. It’s very emotional though for me. It’s like he really is there and it makes me miss him more. I wonder what the end result is going to be. I have read that the person he was is never coming back just like he was…and it makes me sad because his little nephew may never know the awesome Chris we remember. But I do believe he is regaining functionality and I am hopeful that God can restore…so I just watch and wait for now…never really quite sure what’s ahead. It kind of leaves me speechless in wonder…

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