Getting Ready to Move (Change)

Change has been in the air for some time now. I can sense it – it’s almost tangible. Chris is finally what I would call awake. And he’s that way most of the day now everyday – with a couple of small naps mixed in here and there! That adds a totally new element to how I deal with him. It’s like now he is awake but how do I help him get all the things plugged back in and get him mobile again.. I’m at a loss…

Today I am calling several people… it’s time to stir things up a bit. I guess in moving that is one step toward my total goal and it is reassuring that I’m gonna get there. Beacause after I get moved next week and then get all of Chris’ stuff up here and we are finally all in one spot… I’m trading for a vehicle I can transport him in. That will free me up to be able to take him to the doctor or rehab appointments…which means I am not stuck with the one I have – and that equals freedom!

I hope the world is ready for me because I am so tired of playin’! it’s time we all be responsible and if I have to make everyone mad to get them to do there job well then – oh well! bring it!

Next week is the big move.. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I want to ease the transition for Chris. I have been telling him about it so I hope he will understand when the day arrives! All I can do right now is pray that the Lord will give him (and me) peace and strength for this part of the journey.

…I’m gonna miss the ghetto though…

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