Ever Just Wake Up Tired?

I do sometimes. It may be that I am rarely in the bed for more than 6 – maybe 7 hours. And during that time I hardly ever get more than 2 or 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Every once in a while Chris will sleep for 4 or maybe even 5 hours and it’s great! But I don’t always even sleep then as I am waking up to check on him off and on. But those nights really do help!

Even though it may be that I am tired from lack of sleep it’s the day that wears on you before it even gets here…do you know what I mean? I just get tired thinking about all the juggling acts I will need to do today to get everything accomplished!…and it makes me tired before I begin! lol!

I am also getting anxious about the move and have packed some but I’m feeling the pressure of needing to get things packed up. But since I do my work on-line I am packing a little here and there. I am making progress but I don’t want to have to pull an all-nighter before the day of the move to get it all done either! I think I am probably further along than I realize though. The kitchen cabinets are empty and the closets and drawers are bare…I have to tell myself that there is progress being made!

Then I had trouble feeding Chris yesterday for some reason. That always frustrates me. I stop when I get frustrated or he isn’t doing it well. That keeps us both sane, at least I think it does. I am so encouraged that he’s awake – and discouraged because I am not sure how to “rehab” him…I am not sure what needs to be done and of course there’s no help for that! But now that he is awake almost all day almost every day (yeah!!) I feel like all we have to do is get everything all turned back on and working…I do what I think I know to do… but the lack of help in that arena (from the professionals in the field) is tiring as well…Why do I have to stay on everyone to remind them to do their job? Still waiting to hear if the referral to Valir has even been done yet or not.. and have no clue if the referral to the neurological center has gone through…. sheesh!! I wonder what the world would look like if every one did their job with excellence? I guess we’ll never know — so I’ll be chasing people down today to see if their jobs got done or not… no wonder I’m already tired… I have to add that to the general feeding, transferring, dressing and rehab-ing that I already have to do –

But I have to go back to an old familiar scripture when I need His strength. Isaiah 40:39 – it’s our promise that as we wait on HIm – He will renew our strength! And that’s how I intend to make it through this day! I will wait on Him to lift me up on His wings and carry me to where i need to be! He really is my strength…Think about that – the One who created everything is going to carry me through this day!! yeah, I can rest in that!

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