Making a Difference

I’ve had two things happen in the last 24 hours that just amazed me. I know I really shouldn’t be shocked at either one. I guess I just expect too much from people and humanity! lol! Both happened in a group I am in. It’s called Daily STrength and I joined this online support group for brain injuries. That was about 2 years ago. I’ve met some remarkable people there! Then when I brought Chris home I joined the group for caregivers. I love the site and frequent it often.

Yesterday I read a note in the caregivers group. A lady was talking about how when tragedy first strikes there are tons of people who are there. Then over time they wane away. This is just human nature, I expected it from the start. And it’s true but I haven’t in general taken it personally because everyone can’t stop their lives just because I experienced tragedy and a sudden change in mine! She was disheartened with the church because they offered no fellowship. They actually condemned her for not being more “connected”! 

I know that as a full-time caregiver I cannot “go” to church like others. But I have people who I call real friends who have stayed connected or even become connected on this journey. I have two or three very close friends who do not even live in this state that have been connected throughout. Some called me everyday when it first happened.. and have remained by my side walking it with me. Others have joined in and become my friends and chosen to walk  with me too! I am equally thankful for both. It helps me not feel so alone — most days anyway!

Then I read a post in the brain injury site from someone who is dealing with some issues due to the TBI he sustained in an accident. It sounded like he had some issues that were far worse than Chris’ but here he was typing, thinking and looking for some help. I sent him a friend request. He told me that he only wanted friends who had the same TBI like him…and wanted to know if I had a brain injury. I told him not to worry about it…

I guess what bothered me was what I see in a lot of people and want to guard from in myself. He only wanted people who were just like him – he wasn’t interested in helping someone else in the same situation. It saddened me that there are some of us like that, even in the church. We want to gather people around us to “humor us” in our pain rather than give us hope on how to get out. It’s the you can join my pity party but don’t get me out of it… syndrome! It was really sad to me that he didn’t want to help someone else sort through…

I pray that as the body we embrace our differences, and even our weaknesses and learn how to help each other crawl out of our pits! Just like my friends have walked with me through the fires.. I want to help lighten others loads, ease their minds, remind them that God is there…and so on!

It just goes to show that there are people who are caring and giving, then there are those who don’t give a … I want to help others! I feel stuck here sometimes but the Lord gives me ways to help others. The other day I was elated to get to make a pot of coffee for some guys who were moving! It thrilled me to get to do something for someone else even though it seemed small. I pray He keeps giving me opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others…so many have made a difference in mine!

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