I am Excitingly Anxiously Anticipating…

Yeah, I know it sounded funny, but I really don’t have the words for what I feel right now. And even though Chris isn’t feeling real good today it has been a pretty good day overall. But I was excited before it became a “good day.” Can’t really explain it..

So the apartment passed inspection and we should be moving on the first or second of April. (sheesh! I gotta pack!)  Even though I am anxious to move that gives me time to find some help and maybe we can get it all done on a Saturday morning. I also have to find a washer and dryer by then or I’ll be in a bind!

then home health came today and paperwork just hasn’t been faxed to VAlir yet. I don’t really know what the delay has been but at least it is still a go. I have to believe that even though I would love to push it a little, I know He will have the perfect timing that will be the most beneficial for Chris.

And then there’s Chris.. I really believe he is waking up! His reaction to the party Saturday night and to skyping with his girlfriend last night were amazing! He lit up when he saw Candace and then he just smiled…three times! It was so cool. He’s been real awake for over three weeks now. He has sleepy times but hasn’t gone back into what I’d call that funk at all. Not even on days like today when he really doesn’t feel well…

It’s just like today is light…and I don’t know why. Things are changing and I am so excited! Psalm 27:1 says the Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the defense of my life whom shall I dread?

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