He Will Carry Me

That was the topic of today’s daily devotion that I have been writing for caregivers. It’s what was on my mind when I woke up. I just felt like I needed someone to carry me through. It’s not that anything extra awful or stressful has happened at all; I think I am just tired.

I probably got pretty emotionally worn out over the weekend with Chris’ birthday and all. Plus I may have been somewhat overstimulated too with all the party and family at mama and daddy’s!

No matter what the cause is I just woke up with the intense need for HIm to carry me today. I guess it’s just that I am tired. Every day is pretty much the same and probably my emotions are drained from pushing Chris too. I learned a long time back that you cannot hurry the healing or rehabilitation of a brain injury! But I have to figure out how much to push him each day and work with whatever he gives me to work with! Yesterday – that wasn’t much!

And then there’s the strain of packing – my house is a total wreck with boxes everywhere! Also waiting to hear back and confirm the date and sign the lease. Plus still waiting to hear from Valir on his rehab possibilities. And I’m worried he’ll just fall through the crack once again…

Add to that the fact that I haven’t tutored two weeks in a row – and the crunch that puts on the finances, some of the ptc sites have changed their MO and are not as profitable as before and you’ve got enough to stress anyone out!

So today is the perfect day to let Him carry me! Isaiah 40:11 says:

Like a shepherd He will tend His flock,

In His arm He will gather the lambs

And carry them in His bosom;

He will gently lead the nursing ewes.

This is my resting point today: He will carry me through!

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