There is so much going on in my mind right now I feel like I’ve had 20 pots of coffee! I won’t even try to put all my thoughts here – it would take too long and might scare some of you! lol!

Tomorrow is Chris’ birthday and I am still trying to decide how that’s going to work. With this event coming up it is setting my emotions on edge. He’ll be 27. This is not how it was supposed to look…but the good side of the whole thing is that is really seems like he is actually waking up so that’s good.

I am considering some major changes in Dove’s Fire. I think it will be good but I am still just waiting for His clear direction. I just have a sense that it is all about to change, and I believe it will yield some good results.

The move is still on and it looks like right around the first of April we’ll be over there. That’s all overwhelming to me right now as I am trying to add packing into my already busy life…

And then when I am supposed to do my jobs online?… see what I mean.

Times like these when I feel very overwhelmed by all the changes and all I must remind myself that He will keep me in perfect peace as I keep my mind on HIm. (Isaiah 26:3)  So as I go about my hectic day today I will make it my goal to keep my mind on HIm. I’ll make my meditation stay in the scriptures I read this morning. And I will walk in perfect peace!!

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