I Want to Sing Again

I have been so busy the last few days! I think it’s a good thing as I am finding more and more ways to earn money on-line. Plus of course, I’ve been doing thing to get ready for our big move which hopefully will be later this month. And I am increasing my miles as I prepare for my first half-marathon! Add to that the things I am doing with Dove’s Fire and I have a full plate!!

Chris is doing good which you know helps my attitude! It is a little more demanding as I’ve been stepping up how I work with him. That is really good and he’s responding well – but I get tired too! It’s a good tired when I see him progress. It’s interesting how the Lord can give me new ideas for how to work with him.

As Chris continues to respond more like he is it sure makes me miss him more. I am eager for him to talk and walk and joke with us again. For now I am happy that he seems to be really awake and aware of his surroundings. I do okay most of the time. But the other afternoon I got his personal computer out and found some of his music.

The good thing was that he really responded to his own voice and music. I responded too…but with tears. I was kinda choked up hearing his voice again and did real good until I heard a phrase in one of his songs that was I want to sing again…I want to live again. That caused tears to flow and I tried to not let him see me wipe the tears away.

The funny thing of that is that the Lord has really begun to restore my song. IT’s come through great pain… but it’s back. I missed it – almost as much as I miss his music. I cannot wait until he can really sing again!

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