Mom’s Rehab Center

Today marks the fourth day of our newest routine. Chris is tired, but still responding. He is picking the eating back up real well. Still gets tired and doesn’t eat a lot (which can be frustrating to me-and is why we took a little break) – but he’s eating! Had spaghettios and orange juice while ago!

I don’t really know what I am doing and that is what is so scary to me. But I have been in lots of facilities and settings and gleaned some things along the way. Oh! And as soon as I finish paying it off I’ll have my certificate to be a real-live physical therapy aid! Lot of good that did! But you live and learn…

So I have begun to gently push Chris along. It seems that he is responding and I hope that this big move we are about to do won’t set him back much. But when we get moved there will be so many benefits that after some adjustment it will aid his progress. There are sidewalks with ramps so we can actually go for walks. And there’s an asphalt walking trail along the creek along one side of the complex. I can’t wait to explore!! – you know me – always in it for the adventure.

We will have room, a washer/dryer and a patio with a very small fenced in back yard. I really cannot wait!!  –but while we prepare to move I am still pushing Chris. Although he is very vocal about his displeasure with me messing with him more – he appears to be responding. And so I will keep gently prodding him along.

I cannot wait until he really responds and starts talking. I want so badly for his cognition to return. I want him to like something – anything; or hate it for that matter! I long for him to want to watch a show for pure enjoyment; even get mad at me for real!! But until then I will just continue to press him forward.

As far as trust, I just have to trust that I am going in the right direction. The move to another apartment seems to just be falling into place.It’s been simply amazing to see how God has worked things out…that’s been true all along the journey. I have not missed a meal, or paying a  bill. He has just walked it all out with me and for me…it’s really been amazing to watch.

Then this morning a friend sent me a scripture. She didn’t say anything except gave me Romans 4: 20-21. It is talking about Abraham and how he did not waver at God’s promise. Abraham was convinced that God would do what He said He would do. I can say for today I feel that way! But to be honest I have had many – too many to count – times of doubt and wavering…

But for today Mom’s Rehab Center will continue to figure out what to do with this son of mine – you know – the one God has promised to restore…totally unsolicited promises from Him to us…how could we not believe?

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