I Know He Carries Me

Well today is a big day as I get to get out for a few hours. A few days ago I decided that I would take steps to do some things that I enjoy. Today I go to Arkansas to be on the radio with my friends. I am looking forward to the time of ministry and also fellowship. And just a few hours out will do wonders I am sure.

Planning for an over night outing can be quite laborious. I have to get several sets of people lined up to stay with Chris. They have to be familiar with his schedule and care. My daughter and son-in-law are my heroes! They seem to always end up with the longest slot – and never complain. This time one person canceled last-minute. That is very frustrating to me…it makes it so difficult for me to decide to try to do it again. It’s a difficult task at best but then when situations come up like this it is – more than frustrating. I really don’t want to be a strain on someone. ANd when my break costs others it just doesn’t seem worth it!

I do have a day outing planned for early next month. I signed up for my first 10K! Yeah! And then I’m taking the rest of the day to go spend in a nature center. They have some very nice little trails to get out and experience nature. I am looking forward to that too!

Today I am just “okay”. I can’t really figure out a better word for it. Maybe it’s simply “peace”. I am neither troubled nor ecstatic. I’m just okay! That’s not a bad place to be I don’t think. I am not complacent – that does not exist in my world! I’m just good. The Lord has returned my strength (His strength) to me and continues to carry me through. He is so faithful!

I’ve been reading Psalm 29 again. I taught that passage several years ago but it is still so ringing out in my spirit. The first verse says that we are to give Him all our strength (which isn’t much really); and the last verse says He gives us His strength. Not a fair trade if you ask me! He’s getting the short end of the stick for sure!

But I know that when I relax and let Him carry me and keep myself in the word- He gives His strength. It’s something I really do not have words to explain – He just puts it in me and I can go another day. It certainly isn’t something I can muster up on my own…I know He carries me…so I just relax in His arms today and enjoy the ride.

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