Sorting Through to Faith

Paul said that he had fought the good fight of faith. I don’t think we see it from that perspective very often. Paul also said in Romans that every one of us is given a measure of faith. So we already have faith – but we must fight  to keep it active. Our faith increases as we stay in the word…I find that the whole situation I am dealing with is easier when I stay focused on the Word.. but that is not always the easiest task.

Some mornings it is easy to get up and read and pray; music comes freely and fluently. Other mornings I feel I am under this huge weight and have to crawl up to just grab my coffee to survive! lol! sometimes the word can almost (I said almost) seem burdensome. I feel His call and know several things I need to be doing ministry wise – but the pity party hits so hard sometimes… and it’s not easy to get out of that mode to do the things He has put on my heart. Doesn’t He know I’m taking care of my handicapped son?

This week I really wanted to just give up and walk away. Not from Chris – but from ministry. I just got tired. I didn’t feel like anyone was reading the writings or watching the broadcasts so why bother…so I didn’t do any of it this week. I just didn’t feel like it!  So I quit… again. Then something cool happened…

I was getting ready for the teaching via Skype in Pakistan and a friend called out of the blue. We visited a few minutes and then I told her I was getting ready. She said, “you are getting ready to teach?” I told her I was and she immediately went into a prayer…right there on the phone. You’d have to know where she came from to get the whole gist of it. But when I met her 12 years ago she and I hit it off even though she was in another religion.  She informed me then that she wasn’t ready to give up her life or religion and not to bother.

My daughter baby sat for her and I worked with her. She continued to see His love in us and over the years she developed a relationship with Him…And over the last few years we have had many discussions about the word and I have just watched her grow in the Lord. I thought back about all the years we learned together and could see such a maturity developing in her… it was a blessing to know He had used me a little bit!

Then right after that my daughter called. She had a question on one of my study guides she was going through…I almost cried just thinking that she was taking the time to actually work on something I wrote… what a blessing it was…

This combination got me off high center. It’s not that I need the approval of man – because that’s not too important to me at all.. I just needed to know that someone was benefiting in some small way from what He is doing in me…So I am back on track..

Sometimes faith comes easy…sometimes we have to search for it…sometimes we must wait for it…and always we must cultivate it…and it becomes the anchor for our soul. Today whatever you are facing – sort through to faith. Get in the Word and get to know Him…He will help you fight through and sort through to faith…and He will give you faith (already has) the difficulty is to cultivate it.But we must for it is the shield of faith by which we can quench all the firey darts of the enemy.

So no matter how difficult and ardous the task seems (and I speak from experience!) …fight through to find faith today. Fill your mouth and ears and heart with His word and let faith arise in your heart…He is waiting for you!

  1. #1 by Jeannie on February 6, 2011 - 2:08 pm

    And so we grow from “faith to faith, from glory to glory.” One “glory” always leads to another. “We have not passed this way before,” because He always has areas into which we have never ventured, but He has prepared for us. Paul had a depth that I never received from the other Apostles writings. He understood things that we seem to miss; yet it is there, waiting for us to obtain.


  2. #2 by Jeanie Olinger on February 6, 2011 - 2:49 pm

    Yes indeed! I know the more I press in to the word the more I see and yet there is so much more to faith (and lots of other “topics” ) than what meets the eye and can be understood! I love the Pauline epistles! They are simple and complex!

    Thanks for reading,


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