The Art of Thankfulness

I work a lot of sites to generate some income. One of them is a discussion board. The other day someone asked if we thought we were a glass half full or glass half empty type of person. I thought about it a little bit before I jumped in to answer. I think I can bottom out pretty easily but can always work my way back around to a positive. Sometimes it takes me longer than others but as a general rule I can find something good eventually. I can also adapt pretty well to any situation… I’m speaking in general again!

There are lots of things in my present situation for which I am very thankful. I easily find the thankfulness even under the heavy load. I think it’s important to find those things and try to hold on to them. For instance, Chris doesn’t have a regular doctor; no primary care physician. It would be quite the undertaking if I needed to take him in to see a doctor. Our home health company hooked us up with a group called Physicians at Home. They come out one time a month and see Chris whether we call for them or not.

The frustration has been that if I need something in between or other than the visit it’s worse than pulling teeth! I wait forever for prescription refills or call ins. Right now I’m still waiting for the prescription for Chris’ pain pills… have two left. This can be so frustrating on top of dealing with the day to day struggles. I find myself getting mad (because this is only one example – there are several but I don’t want to dump here!) too easily and frustrated. I feel like I am the victim and really there’s nothing I can do to change it.

So I pull myself together. I first pray about the truth that HE  is my provider not home health, or his doctor, or rehab or anyone. I take it all to HIm and figure if He cannot get Chris the meds here then it’s time to take Chris off of them. I refuse to be held captive by these organizations. I shift back rather to being thankful for what I have had supplied to us at no expense. I shift my focus to the things that have been provided even if they fall far short of what is needed. He is my provider…period. I will trust HIm to supply the things I need as I need them.

And then the peace comes again. Just that simple shift of perspective helps me work through the frustration and find peace. He can either supply more or show me creative ways to conserve and use in wisdom the things I do have. And once again I turn to HIm as my provider, my Father, my comforter. He is so faithful!

He will supply my every need not according to man’s system, or according to the medicaid approval plan! He will supply every need according to His riches in glory. No problem!

…so thankful

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