Waiting Doesn’t Equal Inactivity

Today is one of those days when it is easy to believe. It’s just there and I grab hold of that in my heart and hold on for dear life. I’ve been going through long enough to learn to enjoy these moments; and try to figure out how to retain it for the days when it doesn’t come as easy!

It always helps when Chris makes strides like he has in the last couple of weeks…even though today he sleeps! But that’s because we wore him out yesterday. It was an amazing day. I joined in via the Internet with a friend’s church service yesterday morning! That was a real blessing! Then Chris’ dad just called out of the blue and came to see Chris. That always makes me feel better and I know it means a lot to Chris even if he cannot express it.

Then to top it all off, some friends called and asked if they could just come over and take us out for a ride! I was blown away! I think this act of kindness touched my heart in a very deep and unique way. It said so much about their Christain character (which was never in question I might ad! ) that they were so willing to give up a few hours for us. They patiently waited and helped as we got Chris outside and into the vehicle. Then we went to Sonic and grabbed a snack and a drink. It felt so good to do something normal!

Now today my daughter’s coming early to have coffee  with me AND my sister is coming over in a little bit! How crazy is all this? Some of it may certainly be connected to my much lighter than usual feeling today! I hope I can make a difference in other’s lives too. I don’t want to wait until Chris is better. I really do want to get a vehicle secured so that he and I can start taking baskets to hospital waiting rooms.

Until then I may plan a sitter for him so I can start. Things like this tend to put your life on hold. But I don’t want to put the making a difference things off until Chris gets better. I am devising a plan to start now! Many times plans are lost in the shuffle. I do not want to emerge from this tragedy the way I came in. I want it to change me, form me and make me into someone who is always reaching out to others. I want to work the soup kitchens and take care baskets to hospital waiting rooms…why the wait?

Now that the healing has begun I believe I am ready to take those steps… you’ll have to keep up with me here to see what I’m up to! Isn’t living outside the box and touching others what it’s all about? I just don’t think I want to wait anymore. Now is the time for action…I do not want to grow complacent…while I am waiting on HIm…

Maybe that’s one of the ways we can get tricked while we are waiting. Waiting does mean I am inactive..it’s a state of heart not a sitting in the chair type of thing! God is indeed moving and I want to do what I see HIm doing and that is reaching out to hurting people…

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