I’m Not Moving!

For several reasons it seems that I tend to sort of bottom out over the weekend. I guess it’s because I am pretty well stuck here for a couple of days. I cannot run to release extra tension and usually don’t get to see too many people over those two days.

Usually, Saturday is okay. But by Sunday I’ve dipped deep into a depressed state if I am not real careful. A lot of that can have to do with how good or poor Chris does over those two days too. I am learning to get and stay busy. The tv doesn’t do it for me that’s for sure. Actually I find it more and more annoying. It seems to grate against my spirit much of the time.

I have rediscoverd my cds though. If I can get the right combination of praise music going it seems to reallyhelp!  (but that’s not an “always” thing)

But today feels like a new day. I have been working more diligently on several different areas.

I have started pushing Chris in an odd way. It’s like I just figured something out, or the Lord just simply showed me what to do! THe thing is, he is responding to it. He may verbally gripe the whole time, but he is trying to do the things I ask. This is mostly daily living skills.

I am cooking more and experimenting with lots of recipes. This means some of the “fun” stuff can be made much cheaper. And it’s good to be in the kitchen again! I had to allow myself the time to “have fun.”

I also finally took the plunge and wrote some articles for a couple of new writing sites I’ve discovered. I don’t know if they will generate any cash yet, but hey – gotta try! I am going to set up a webpage with links to all the places to make money online soon. I’m working on it and I am kind of excited about it…it’s a whole different world out there just waiting to be explored!

And I have some direction for the ministry. I’ll be making several changes in the way I’ve been doing things. I am actually reorganizing so that I can be more productive. I keep getting new ideas before I can finish the old ones!

Sometimes all this can be overwhelming. But I figure the Lord has me right here for a reason. I can learn to make the best of it and learn a lot of new things in the process. When I looked back at some of the things I actually accomplished last year, it was somewhat encouraging. I’m thinking if I can get organized and disciplined I can get a lot more done this year… and so the adventure begins!

I’m just accepting where I am – with Chris and with me. Now we can just move on from here. Trying to figure out how to get vehicles and bigger apartments can be a huge task…but as I am just pressing through and waiting for His direction – I find out I am gaining two things…

– His wisdom and His strength

And so I am right back to waiting on Him! And I don’t intend to move from that spot not even a little bit! If you get a chance to read Andrew Murray’s “Waiting on God” it is outstanding! I didn’t know there were so many scriptures about it! It is an important aspect that we tend to ignore and try to get around because of our fast paced lives…but I have decided to live there!

..waiting on Him

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