Waiting…one more day

Well, we are finally beginning the crawl to recovery from too much Christmas! Friday night I had my kids here and it was a load of fun. Then Sunday I took Chris out to my sister Tina’s house. He really did well. He was a little overloaded but not stressed out; so that was really good.

I can’t really explain how I feel, or why I feel how I feel write now. I just have this renewed “ready to kick it” sense about me. It’s like I am ready to get back to pushing him a little harder. I don’t know when or why it started or what it’s about, but here we go!

Waiting on the Lord has been a large part of my studies over the last few weeks and perhaps that is all this is. As I have continued to wait on Him – He has renewed my strength. That’s really the only explanation that makes any kind of sense.

There haven’t been any super big changes with Chris or our situation, but I just have this sense of peace and forward motion now. I really think that is something only God can give. I’m ready to work his arms more today and to begin trying to encourage walking. You know, it’s so funny (sort of) I was terrified when I brought him home. I didn’t think I could stand him or anything like that. Now we work on that all the time and transfers are so much easier – I can’t believe I’m ready to walk him by myself! lol! I just know it’s time – for a step or two!

I study time a lot in my studies too. Maybe this is one of those “fullness of times” where time catches up with eternity! I’m ready for the ride! You know what I mean – when Jesus was born – time caught up with eternity. When He was crucified time caught up with what had already happened in eternity! I have the sense I am stepping into one of those “times”. Because Chris is already healed – it’s just that time hasn’t caught up with what God has already done in eternity!

And so…

We continue to wait! I can wait on Him without fear. And I really believe right now that this is what has “renewed” my strength and is giving me that determination to put one foot in front of another for one more day!

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