Our Journey In Time

So I am still reading my Bible through in alphabetical order. I am actually enjoying it as it mixes it up a little bit! I finished up Ecclesiastes this morning and can’t wait to start Ephesians! I found Ecclesiastes very oddly comforting. I would have never thought about it before as it sometimes seems kinda mixed up in there. First there are several mentions to time and those of you who know me know I love to study this whole “time” thing…

There is also a lot about wisdom and of course fearing God (which is what wisdom is).It seemed strange to have some things really stick out to me this time though. I guess what I got was it’s okay to just enjoy stuff. Yes, we work, we eat and then it’s okay to “play” some too. Sometimes I get hung up on the work end of things. Well, there’s a lot to do every single day. There’s so much that is needed for Chris which is my top priority and then I have so much to do online to “make a living.” I forget that it’s okay sometimes to just relax and breathe.

I loved the scripture where Solomon said time and chance happen to us all. I thought about that quite a while really. We all have exactly the same amount of time in a day, no one can gain an “unfair advantage” we all get exactly 24 hours no more, no less. But inside of that 24 hours lots of “chance” things can happen. We really do not know what a day will bring.

It could be a cold Chicago morning when a life is taken captive. November 8, 2008 my life was pretty much snatched out of my hands and became totally dictated by what Chris needs. No more freedom to come and go as I desire. And over the two years it’s been interesting living in this cave. I think the most troubling thing to me right now is to not be able to see the end. I know how it’s supposed to end but right now it sure feels like it will be like this forever. And so I adjust…my desires and dreams which are pretty much non existence at this point.

But The Preacher finished up Ecclesiastes with the perfect summary for all of us no matter what we are facing.  We all may have very different circumstances we are dealing with. Everyone is not in my situation – thank God for that. But I am thankful I am not in some of yours as well! But no matter what we are facing today Solomon summed it all up:

The conclusion when all has been heard is this:

fear God and keep His commandments,

because this applies to every person.

No matter what comes our way during this journey through time we all

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