Coming Home

I had a great trip out this weekend. I did a lot of driving which meant I had much time for prayer and meditation on His Word. I technically still worked while I was out but it was refreshing to get to be out and to get to minister once again! I know that’s His heart beat for me and I will wait for Him to show me what is next and how He is going to bring it all to pass…

While I was in Indianapolis I went to the hospital to see a friend. Her son has been in there for quite some time now. I realized that even though it was emotional for me, I had lost all those old “phobias” of the hospital! Those who really know me will laugh! But I felt right at home…even though my heart hurt for my friend. At least I do know how to pray for her better now.

I know how the helplessness wants to swallow you up while you are living in the hospital room with your child. A mother wants to nurture and make it all better, and sometimes it just doesn’t work that way for us. There’s a grieve that you experience during those times as well as all the pain that you naturally experience just watching your child suffer. My heart hurts for my friend.

Then I came home to everyone having some sort of virus. This is not a fun way to return home! But the good part for me was a great thing. I was elated that I actually have a home to return to! It’s been a long time coming. For so long I have felt so displaced and it was great to say “I’m headed home” and feel it too. I haven’t had my own place in several years and that was a wonderful feeling.

And of course other than the virus everything was pretty much like it was when I left. So I am back to walking out what I talked about in the second session at Saturday’s conference. Walking it out no matter what we see. I will continue to hold to God’s promises concerning Chris. And I will press on into the things I feel He has for me as well. That’s kind of the difficult part when you can’t see past today…but still we press!

It was a refreshing time away – now it’s back to work as usual!!

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