Now That’s Faith!

There have been a couple of things happen in the last 24 hours that I think for me are noteworthy. For one I had some visitors yesterday! That was a very nice surprise! One of the ladies had a son who was hit by a drunk driver and sustained head injuries. It was encouraging to hear of her journey and his back to health. It sounds odd maybe but it was helpful to hear of the times they dropped their son and the mishaps they encountered while caring for him. Sometimes I tell Chris that I’m like the Jerry Lewis of caregivers and if I can get it tangled or wrapped up wrong or in some kind of weird bind I will!

Then this morning I was studying for Sunday’s topic of worship. I always start in Genesis 22 since in the KJV this is the first mention of the word worship. Abraham told the servants we will go worship and return to you. What was he thinking? He knew he was told to sacrifice his son, how could he be inclusive and say “we” will go and return?

Abraham was laying more than his son on the altar. Of course that in itself is a huge thing. My first thought was I couldn’t do it! He was laying down his own future, his descendants, his promise! Everything God had promised him was embodied in his son, Isaac. Abraham did not know how God was going to do it, but he knew Isaac was the promise to all the nations. Romans says that he believed God could bring back the dead. He was so sure of the promise that he figured when he acted in obedience God was able to raise Isaac from the dead to fulfill His promise!! Now that’s faith!

He didn’t worry about the details, Isaac was the promise! It was not important to Abraham how God did it, he KNEW He was going to fulfill His promise!

Sometimes I look at my own situation and wonder about the hows. I know God made specific promises for me, Chris, Ronella, and my whole family. How He is planning on doing it from here, has to be less important that trusting in Him to just do it! It won’t matter if He has to raise the dead – His word will not be void. Situations and circumstances cannot over rule what He already said! …and that in its simplest form…is faith!

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