Because of Love

This is going to be a very busy week. I am really excited about what it might bring though. I’m trying to get a lot done and get sitters arranged for my first weekend away in FOREVER! Not really, but it sure feels like it! I am very thankful for all those who have stepped up to help while I am gone. They will never know how much I appreciate it! You know, he’s grown, but he’s still my baby and I feel assured of his safety, care and pure love from each person who has committed to stay with him while I go minister.

And he also has the appointment at the rehab hospital this week. I need to write down all the questions so I don’t forget them. I hope for some really good news and a date they feel he’ll best benefit from the 24 allotted days he’ll have before the end of June.

Sometimes it seems to be going so very slow! Even on days like today when he is sleepy again and doesn’t seem to be doing too much I know things are connecting back up in his head. He is really helping so much with transfers and I can tell he’s getting some of the control of key muscles back.

I wonder if this is how God views us sometimes. We just sit and He patiently (not that I am patient by any means!) works with us as we slowly progress toward maturity. I never knew the depth of His love before all this happened. But I have learned so many new levels of His love – and there’s still so much to learn! It is unfathomable.. beyond comprehension.

But sometimes I look at Chris and see how willing I am to just wait…because of love.

I am willing to work with him and rejoice in each little step of progress…because of love.

My life is meaningless and can’t go on – refusing to go on without him…because of love.


But then I’ve learned from many others too. Like a grandmother’s love – now that’s a wonderful new experience in love! And how my daughter and I grow to love one another more in the midst of trouble. How much better is it going to be if the trial is ever gone!?!

I think of how I love without chains, and how He loves us the same way. He loved us so much that He made a way for us to get back to Him before we ever fell away. He patiently waits and gently leads us until we find it … until we find Him and all of His fullness….because of love – it must be the strongest force anywhere.

It holds me here with Chris-

It held Jesus to the cross…He stayed there for me…for you…because of love…there wasn’t another option to Him, because of love.

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