Trusting His Favor

I have been reading the Bible through in alphabetical order. (don’t laugh, sometimes you gotta mix it up!) I just started so I am just now in Deuteronomy. This morning I was reading in chapter 5 where He was admonishing the Children of Israel to not turn aside from Him or His word. Then he said the benefit of this would be “that you may live and it may be well with you and that you may prolong your days in the land which you will possess.”This sparked lots of questions once again.

When Chris first had the wreck and I was living in the ICU waiting room I had so many thousands of thoughts and questions. I wondered if we had missed God that He had allowed it. Did we do something wrong, did I not pray enough? Was this some sort of punishment…and they went on for weeks. The oppression and crushing was unbearable.

This morning as I read this passage about His blessing I had to ask once again, did I offend God that He let this happen to my son? Is this the living well He spoke of? Doesn’t He protect us? That has been a big one from the start. How does He protect us? I hear others say things about a close call and how blessed they are that the worse didn’t happen. But for me the worse did happen. And I will tell you it shook my faith to the core.

Through much study over the last couple of years I have learned that God totally protects our spirit and our soul which is hidden in Him. Our bodies are here on this earth and He lives/dwells in us. But they are dust. They will break, bend and become unhealthy if we do not take proper care of them. He does not offer that kind of protection plan. However, what He does do is protect that eternal part of us. And there is absolutely nothing that can reach us there! He will not let the enemy have our soul! We are hidden in Him. We have thought His protection was for our bodies, but it’s for the real us! It’s so much deeper than the physical.

I am learning that this pressure life has brought my way has driven me deeper into Him. It has crushed me but only serves to press me harder into His heart. Through that intimacy I know I have His favor. I cannot measure it by what life brings my way. I must listen to His heart and fully move in Him. There is a level of trust and security there that I know if I do something outside of His plan or thoughts my heart will immediately let me know. And beyond that, He will tell me!

So once again I am learning to trust that I live in His favor. And I cannot measure His favor by natural means, it is spiritually discerned. Trust His favor today…

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