Before Time Began…

Something I make a point to do (which can really be a struggle some days) is to always give Chris positive feedback. I praise every tiny thing he does. If I am asking him to move something and he doesn’t seem to I praise him for trying. I even praise him for thinking about it sometimes, even though I really don’ t know if he is or not!

No matter how I feel or what my struggle is in the present, I keep pumping him with positive “way to go’s”! This is an all day thing every day! I also spend a lot of time reassuring him of my love. I tell him I love him no matter what we are engaged in at the moment.

Yesterday I was standing at the foot of his bed raising his head as I had just laid him down. I said, “I love you Bubba” then I thought about how I loved both of my kids before they were even born, before I even knew them. I looked at him laying there and I said, “Chris I love you. I loved you before you were even born!”

That catapulted my thoughts into God’s deep love for us. He loved us before we were born, before we were formed, before we were a thought in our parent’s mind. But it goes further back than that, He was acquainted with our ways and had already written about our days in His heart before time began. That just blows my mind! He loved us and knew us before He said “let there be light”!

That’s my meditation for today…. His great love for us which is just too big to fathom! Enjoy His love today no matter what you are facing!

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