RememberingWhat He’s Done

I really did not want to run this morning. Everything in my body was screaming about every lit bit of trauma it’s gone through over the years. Joints were yelling pretty loud as I made myself get up and out of  the bed. They were all reminding me that I’ve had years of fun playing the rougher sports; and that I’ve been thrown out of two vehicles in automobile accidents…my body did a great job of reminding me this cool November morning.

I have pretty well committed to running the half marathon this spring so I knew I had to run anyway. So I took some Ibuprofen and got my running shorts and long sleeved T-shirt on and headed out the door. I thought, I’ll just log two miles, at least it’ll be something. And off I went.

I hit the play button on my ipod and the first song that came on was God is on our side. I had barely made a block when they got to the part that says though the mountains may fall and the earth crumble nothing’s gonna stand in our way! And I was like, “Yeah!”

I began to think about all the things (including  I’ve been through over the years. Besides being thrown out of two vehicles I have faced sickness that doctors could not explain, actually no one has ever been able to explain where that year went! Besides a multitude of just “stuff that comes with life” encounters; like high blood pressure or low potassium, which were both resolved by the removal of an adrenal gland. You know all the stuff life can bring your way — you don’t need my list, I am sure you have one of your own!

Then there’s the time I came up on Ronella’s wreck. I was following behind her quite a ways and came up on a curve where an man stopped me and told me there was a wreck ahead. As I peered through the wooded area I saw her car with the hood doubled up. There’s no words to describe the feeling of coming up on your own daughter’s head on collision with a careless driver! – but we made it!

Then there’s all the family stuff I’ve seen God bring us through. He totally healed my uncle of leukemia! (I had plenty wordless prayers during those times!) He’s healed my mom of a complete nervous breakdown and made her whole again! As one man put it, I don’t have to go far to find a miracle!

So as I was running all these times God has come through were going through my mind. I began thanking Him for all those times He carried me, walked with me and took me through life’s situations. Psalm 77:11 rang true.

I will remember the deeds of the Lord

Surely I will remember Your wonders of old…

Sometimes in the heat of the moment we do not see Him actively working. That’s when we must remind ourselves of all He’s already brought us through. This yields itself to the calm assurance that although today is going painfully slow, there will be an end, and He will still be there with us.

Oh! And my run? I ended up running 3.4 miles in the shortest time yet!

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