Dear Social Worker

Please find enclosed the stupid little card you sent to me which no longer carries a balance. It is no longer worth the hassle for me, I’d rather live on beans and rice than to jump through any more of your hoops. During the five months that I have requested help it has been total chaos! I can’t take any more.

I know you are not paid to care; nor or you paid to help you just want to get your paycheck like everyone else. I also know you don’t really care about my situation or its uniqueness. It would be so much easier if I could be dishonest and just not tell anyone about the money I am making on line. I am literally making pennies at a time on pay to click (ptc) sites. I work two or three and bring in a little bit at a time that I really wouldn’t have to tell anyone about. But I am honest and so applying for help gets complicated because I am a little different than everyone else.

But actually, you don’t care about the situation. Like the fact that I was gainfully employed and working three different jobs before my son’s accident. And you don’t know that I am only working these piddly little ptc sites because I want to be able to be here for my son. You didn’t ask me about any of that now did you? My tax records aren’t even enough for you. There’s always one more thing that you need to try to figure out if I am going to get the whole $117 per month or not for food. I don’t care any more!

I learned a long time ago that I do not have to take abuse and this is turning into a very oppressive thing for me so I am outa hear….but you don’t really care about that either do you? Now you have less paper work and still get the same amount of money while I get no food benefits. It would be different if I was trying to scam the system to get money; all I needed was a little help. thanks for nuthin’!

You are actually the third social worker who has handled my case in this five month trial. The first one pretty much lost every paper I sent or faxed to her. I finally would go up to the office and hand each piece of paper to her. I got tired of everything being lost in imaging, or in the fax room or God knows were else! And when I did call I rarely got a person. On one such rare occasion when she really answered her phone she “hadn’t checked” her messages. I could leave three over the course of a week and she hadn’t checked them yet! The day of our first appointment I sat there for two hours while the office people kept assuring me she was there they just couldn’t find her! She finally got everything cleared though so I got some food stamps for a couple of months without too much hassle.

Of course I had to take my ledger up there so she could copy it all and try to understand my system. It was crazy!

Then one day I called and was informed that she was no longer there. I was thankful for a minute. But then the dude that had my case was very rude. (that’s what I need when I need help!) At that time I had no way of getting out during the day to go take papers to them so I could look ’em in the eyes when I handed them across the counter. So I mailed the documents he requested. (the same ones I previously had sent to worker number1) When I called to ask him if he received them he gave me the same lame story about them being lost in imaging…and a really nice speech on how I should be more patient with them it takes time he said. (go ahead, kick the deadbeat while they’re down — that’s the attitude I got from him )

So I waited and then I got another letter from the same dude and he wanted a copy of the previously sent papers AGAIN! I was at the post office and on my bike (which is my form of transportation right now) but I called immediately. I learned that I had yet another worker. But she had a different number I had to call. I told the receptionist that I did not have a pen with me. (I laugh now) She said very sternly, “You have to write this number down!” I was like, does that fact make a pen appear in my hand? Oh gee, now I can write it down since you yelled at me! Thanks! But I nicely said, “I am sorry, I am at the post office and not near my home where I have a pen. I will call you back when I am where I can write the number down.” Sheesh!

So I finally reached my third worker by phone that day. I told her I had already sent in my paper work but I would bring a copy to her by bike on Friday. And I did. I put the papers in her hands. (copies of the same ones I had provided the previous two workers)

I got a letter the other day stating that my case had been closed because I failed to provide documentation. I called and the receptionist said I didn’t have a case in the computer. I left a message with the worker who assured me that everything had been done and I would receive my benefits shortly.

I called the 1-800 number everyday to see if there was a balance. Each day it said the balance was still $0. She said it was difficult with my earnings to figure out what I was supposed to get. I laughed and said, “Yeah, it’d be a lot easier if I wasn’t honest!” She laughed too, because she knew it was true. If I only reported what I had W2s for it’d be easy and I’d get more money! lol!

But then today I got a letter stating they want my records again since they can’t figure out how I am “self-employed.” And you know what I snapped. I do not need this stress on top of everything else… so here is my food stamp card. Give it to someone who is scamming the system and who knows how to play it just right. I don’t care any more!

I’m not riding my bike up there, I am not making one more phone call, and I am not spending the money on one more stamp! That’s why I am sending this back to you in the envelope you paid the postage on! Keep the stupid thing! I could probably have made enough for a chunk of it by clicking my ptc sites instead of chasing after paperwork and making copies of the same papers over and over is eating my ink budget up!

So my dear social worker, I know you are relieved that you don’t have to deal with me anymore. But I speak for every person who is on assistance that really would rather do this another way ( I would so prefer to have a job rather than needing any help)…. please care!

Dear Government – please figure out an efficient system for doing things! There’s no excuse for this type of treatment just to get help. But I know how to end abuse….don’t participate. Thank you so much for spending tax dollars to torment and tease me with what I could have…

So here’s your card back… thanks for nothing!


To the readers: just wanted you to know where the tax dollars are going. I think they are lost in imaging too!


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