Committed to the journey…

I have been watching the rescuing of the miners who have been trapped for so long in Chili. It’s a wonderful sight to see as each one has emerged so far. I remember the day at the hospital with Chris when I realized there wasn’t going to be a rescue. No one could ride in on a white horse and carry me away from the situation. There wasn’t any panic button to push and have people come rushing in to make Chris all better and my own pain go away.

I recall the day in particular when I went for a run while Chris was sleeping. On that day I committed to the journey. I didn’t know all the particulars but I knew it wasn’t going to be short or easy. I came back to the room at the hospital and told Chris “I cannot walk it for you, but I can walk it with you.” That’s been my level of commitment to this journey and we are still walking it together.

One of the miners said that there were not 33 people trapped in the mine. He said there were 34 down there because God never left them. God is committed to the journey as well. He does not abandon us when things get tough. Actually He knew they were coming before He formed us in the wombs of our mothers. He prepared the way through the journey before we even existed in this world. He planned on walking it with us back then!

I have no idea how much longer this journey will be as there is no end in sight. But I can take each day as it comes. Each day I commit to pushing Chris as far as he can go and help him go one step further. I can rest in the truth that I know that as committed as I am to this journey with Chris, God is that committed to walking it with me!


  1. #1 by Clyta Harris on October 14, 2010 - 7:48 pm

    Dearest Jeanie,
    I’ve heard so many stories of people who are trapped inside a body that doesn’t work for long periods. In so many of these cases, once they can communicate, they talk about remembering things their care giver has said to them. I’m sure he will remember a great deal of it. I understand that you hope he doesn’t remember the pain, the frustration, the hopelessness that he must feel at times. He will appreciate you more than you’ll ever know, and you will be so delighted when God finally reaches down and tells him, “Enough now, Chris. It’s time for you to get up out of that bed and walk. It’s time for you to hug your Mother and tell her “Thank you, Mom, for all you’ve done for me. It’s time for you to return to your band and develop your talents again and use them to glorify me. It’s time for you to LIVE, Chris.” Hope and a future. I missed your last post, but I just peeked at it, and I know the scripture so well. I pray it every day and thank God that He knows the plans He has for me, for my family, for our future. Without hope, we would really be miserable. Don’t lose hope. Don’t lose faith. Don’t lose patience. I think that would be the hardest one for me–patience. I would be constantly asking God to give me patience, and give it NOW!! You are a very special person, a very special Mom, and a very special Christian. Who knew when you were planning to go to Africa and work in missions that your “mission,” at least for now, would be Chris. You are so faithful to your calling, Jeanie; and I know you are going to be rewarded for everything you’ve done. Love you to pieces, Clyta


    • #2 by Jeanie Olinger on October 14, 2010 - 7:58 pm

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I truly appreciate them! But I am just doing what is set before me! I will still go to Africa one day. I haven’t given up on that yet either! Perhaps Chris will go with me! I figure if I am believing for him that God hasn’t changed His mind about any of the promises and plans He had for Chris, I must also believe the same for myself!

      I won’t lose hope or faith. That’s really why I started this blog. To let others know that sometimes there is a fight for faith. It is well worth it! I want others to know that the resulting faith in the furnace sometimes comes with great difficulty, but it comes. There is a way for the heart to grab hold of faith even in the hottest furnace. I am simply sharing my thoughts each day and sharing how I “talk myself” back to faith no matter what I may be facing that day! It’s always just beneath the surface!

      Thanks for sharing,
      love ya,


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