Jeremiah 29:11

This scripture has been a mainstay in my life for many years. As believers we can trust and believe that everything’s gonna be okay. We trust that God is in control and the things that come our way will yield themselves to hope and His good plans for us.

The future is hard to see and plan for from inside the furnace. Perhaps it’s the high walls that obscure the view! (smile)  But seriously from here I cannot even begin to plan for anything else. Some of that is a time element of not knowing how fast Chris is going to recover. You see, his recovery is not the question it’s already been promised. That’s the part I can hold onto by faith. God promised a full recovery and the doctors even confirmed it. But the trouble is in the when. This makes it difficult to make future plans.

Frequently I am asked what I want to do when this is over. I really cannot come up with an answer because although I know there will be an end someday, I cannot see it from here. I can’t even try to figure out what that looks like. I know we have invites to Alaska and Pakistan to share our testimony. But how that will all work out is very cloudy.

This inability to plan for the future is a very difficult aspect of furnace living. Sometimes it is draining just trying to figure out how to make through a day or to the end of a week. I am sure part of the personal part of this is simply because my life is so on “hold” for the moment. I was supposed to be traveling by now! And I still get invites but I am unable to go. It’s so much just planning for an evening out or a morning off to race.

With my life on hold it’s difficult to remember the promises and plans He has shared with me over the years. Honestly, I cannot see them from here. I am sure they are out there still as He doesn’t change His mind or lie! But I cannot even try to stretch my mind out to what I might be doing in five years. Each day looks the same. I have to be prepared for today. That takes a lot right now.

So I hold on to Jeremiah 29:11 that God has a future and a hope including good plans for us. This means it’s out there even though I cannot see it and even though I am stuck right here in the present with no view of the future. He has good plans still.

However, this morning while meditating on this scripture, I wondered about when it was written and when God promised the deliverance and how long it took. What was it like for those held captive in Babylon? This is when I opened to the passage and started at verse 10!

Verse 10 says that the plans were for after seventy years! This had to be what Daniel read when he counted it up on his fingers and said, It’s time! But this time element throws us off. I have been enduring this furnace for almost two years now, what if I were facing 70? Now realistically I am not going to live another 70 years! But if it was God’s plans for this to all be completed in 70 years does it matter? Do we allow this element of time to weaken our trust in Him?

It’s easy to read the chapters in the last portions of Daniel and see that he was reading Jeremiah’s writings. He figured out that he had been a captive in Babylon for 70 years and the fulfillment was due! I read that in a few minutes, but he lived it for seventy years.

Time can be one of the greatest enemies of my mind. But God has promised and there are two things that come to my mind.

  • God is not a man that He should lie. It is not possible for God to lie. ( Hebrews 6:18; Titus1:2;Numbers 23:19)
  • He who promised is faithful. (Hebrews 10:23)


So although time wears away at my body and soul I must rest in His plans. Even though I must deal with today and cannot see past tomorrow…He hasn’t changed His plans. They still stand. He has given us a future and a hope…and it doesn’t look like this. There will be an end!

  1. #1 by toni corbin on October 12, 2010 - 9:30 pm

    glad chris s tone is better.and sounds like he is making progress–that is awesome


  2. #2 by Jeanie Olinger on October 13, 2010 - 2:32 am

    Yeah, it’s that back and forth thing. Today he had quite a lot of tone! But at least he showed me how nice it’s going to be! lol! He is really making progress everyday now though. I know it isn’t supposed to be faster from here, but it does seem like it’s getting a little faster somehow!

    Thanks for readin’!


  3. #3 by Clyta Harris on October 14, 2010 - 8:01 pm

    Ah, Jeanie, I have for so many years longed to return to Oklahoma. I wish I were there right now. I loved living in Norman. I gave birth to both of my daughters while I was living there. It’s a plae of pleasant memories for me. If I were there right now, I’d call you and say, “Jeanie, it’s time for you to get out of the house for awhile. I’ll stay with Chris while you go do whatever you need to do. Oh, and you can drive my car–my 1992 Cadillac, with the “Check Engine” light on, the one with the trunk opened about four inches because one of my grandsons was trying to help me find my car keys and pried the trunk lid up to see if they were in there, breaking the lock in the process.” I’m sure you are grateful for your bike, but you could use my car any time you needed it. It’s not mine; it belongs to God. I know Chris wouldn’t know me at first, but after at time he would get used to seeing me in the room and know that my presence means that his precious Mother was getting a nap, a quiet moment, a walk outside, or whatever fits her fancy. How I wish I could take some of this off your back. I know I can’t, but I can pray that God will make your burden lighter, that He will send someone to care for the caregiver, that He will hasten the day when Chris will walk on his own power, get out of that bed, and say, “Okay, Mom. Now it’s your turn to rest awhile. You rest, and then we’ll plan our ministry.” You and Chris are in my prayers daily. I wish your Mom could impart her nurse training to you. It would be nice for you to KNOW and not have to GUESS about some of the things you are doing for Chris. I believe, though, that God is leading you in everything you do. Trust Him always. His words are true, and His promises are true. They will come to pass.


    • #4 by Jeanie Olinger on October 14, 2010 - 9:40 pm

      Thank you once again for your warm concerns. I do get out of the house in the mornings for a bit while the aid is here. It has helped greatly to be able to run again. I also have another 5k planned next week and one for next month! I get a couple of hours M-F to run errands. That has really helped a lot. God sent us a wonderful Christian lady for an aid and she seems to love caring for Chris. That helps a lot that I can trust her too.

      If you were here I’d take you up on your offer, I already know what I would do! I would love to go spend the day hiking somewhere. But I don’t usually get days off, just a few hours here and there. But those help so much! Anyway, I would go to Martin Nature Park first and then I’d go to the Zoo. I love zoos! Plus I need a fridge magnet from the OKC zoo!! lol!

      I laughingly tell Chris he owes me when I’m old! lol! I tell him it’ll be his turn to push me around in the wheelchair! But you know he doesn’t owe me a thing! Today while he was standing he moved his arm around and was rubbing the bottom of my arm. It was weird, but so nice to feel his touch! He has hugged me once when I was standing him up. And a couple of times he has hugged me while he was laying in bed. I love to scoop him up in my arms in the mornings and tell him how much I love him! Some days he just moans! (can’t say as I blame him!) And occasionally he will return my hug. Those are special moments. Today I asked him for my good morning smile and he smiled for me. Then I told him I loved him and his smile makes my heart smile.. so he smiled again! I love those moments!

      Thanks for the concern and the prayers… no worries…God is carrying me through to the finish on this one!


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