What A Day Will Bring…

You really never know what a day will bring. We get up and go on with our plans, and we should, but we never know what may lie just ahead around the bend. Perhaps it will be a great trial or triumph, who knows! Chris is still asleep and I am wondering what today will bring with him. I have seen so much progress of late but I hold my breath as I know how back and forth the brain injury world can be.

I had a dream about him again last night. I dreamed he got up and started walking around with no stiffness whatsoever. It took me a minute because he looked so natural. Then I realized he had no stiffness. So I asked him, because I was still having a hard time (even in the dream) grasping its reality. I said, “aren’t you stiff?” And he turned and looked at me and said “No.” Like I was silly for even asking. I started just crying as I realized he was up and around once again…I am sure it is only a product of all my thoughts about his tone yesterday. He was so loose I got very little help transferring him. He’s been getting more loose each day…and I can only hope.

I don’t know what today will bring with my son. I don’t know if he’ll return to being stiff as a board and be difficult to handle again or if he will remain loose. I am supposed to call the doctors if he gets “loose as a noodle.” I am sure that’s o we can adjust some medication. But I hesitate as sometimes progress is there…then it it gone.

So I will be patient for today. I think that is one thing I am learning to be during this trial. Some of it comes with age too! I am learning things usually work out the way they are supposed to! And sometimes life is like dealing with a brain injury, it will progress naturally; you can’t push it or pull it into the next phase it will get there when it gets there!

I don’t know yet what today will bring but I will continue to trust God’s promise. In spite of my more than sore body and all the aches and pains of my heart He is faithful. And He promised complete restoration. So no matter what today brings I will rest in the promises He has made. I will trust in His Word.

There’s an old song that comes to mind (this’ll date me for sure!)… One more mountain to climb, one more river to cross, one more valley that I got go through leavin’ my troubles behind… One more battle with the devil and I know he’ll understand I’m going through with Jesus hallelujah holdin’ to His nail scarred hand!

And going through with Him (through the fire, the flood or the press) is the goal no matter what a day brings.

  1. #1 by Linda Pullen on October 11, 2010 - 7:07 pm

    I wonder many days how you do it? This has been such a long hard road. Without hope where would we be? I so enjoy your letters and up dates on Chris. I wish I could walk with ya’ll for Tina. I’ll just have to be there in spirit. It’s easier on the the feet!!


    • #2 by Jeanie Olinger on October 11, 2010 - 7:26 pm

      Hey Linda!!! (I’m so glad to see you around techno world!) It has indeed been a long hard road. It’s a fiery hot furnace too! Some days are better than others to be honest. My mood can sway with Chris’ participation or lack thereof! The days he’s more alert and active, the better the day. But when he doesn’t want to work one day and fights me on everything I do, it is tough! There’s even good in that though. It means he is with it enough to make decisions! (I just want him to make them the way I want him to do!lol)

      Thanks so much for keeping up with us. I know you pray too and that means a lot to me. I could not walk this without people praying for me. I know it is the Lord’s strength that carries me as I wait on Him.

      Wish you could join us for Tina too! She doesn’t know I’m trying to get everyone together yet…or at least I haven’t heard from her indicating such yet! lol! last year Kenella, Jakob and I did it. Then Michael and Tom ran the 12K (I may still shoot for the 12K I’m not sure yet….let you know after my run on friday where I’ll try it!) So far Ronella and Shawn are walking it and I am running it. That’s all I know for sure but it’ll be a great day! I hope all of us can be there! I know you will be there in spirit cheering us on! Thanks for being a true friend…you are in my prayers (even this morning!)…

      love ya


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