Opposite Day

Today the roller coaster of emotions and faith is up. Chris has had several very good days. He has been very alert and cooperative with the therapies I have tried with him. This always makes my faith come up a notch while I can give myself the little pep talk, “You can do this, you can finish it! He will be okay!” But of course that is faith based on sight, which I doubt is faith at all!

True faith believes even when it is too dark to see. Abraham hoped against hope and believed what God had promised him. That’s true faith. Believe me, I have those days where I have to dig down inside past all the things I can see with my natural eyes, beyond all the struggles a day may bring and somehow come up with at least a teaspoonful of hope to lead me into faith! But today is not one of those days. Somehow, for some reason, I just believe in spite of what I see and even hope can be.

God’s just cool like that I guess! When we finally reach our end, we give Him something to work with. That seems opposite somehow doesn’t it? Seems like we should have our hands totally full of doing something, so that He will do something! But when we come to the end of all we can do and realize we don’t have it all…then He can work.

He’s good at opposites anyway I don’t know why I should be surprised. To receive, you have to give. To be healed, Job had to pray for his friends rather than himself! To live, you have to die! He’s just full of surprise opposites – the ones that don’t make sense to us.

When we were kids we used to play “opposite day.” Maybe today we can play opposite day! When we hear a doubt come in our mind – counter it with faith!

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